‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’…What ‘sur’?

I posted my views on the new version of “Mile Sur” in YU.

Introspection: The aftermath of Mumbai terror attacks

Many questions to be answered, many situations to be assessed, many revelations to be made, many introspections to be done – the ‘remorseless’ terror attacks have left behind all this, along with the ruined Heritage building that stands tall as a testimony to the conspicuous and flagrant violation of Humanity,  owing to the pot-holes in the security protocol. All this, not withstanding to the warnings from the Intelligence days before. The attacks were quickly followed by shameless castiagtions by the political parties among themselves.

Many questions pondered my mind during these heinous attacks. Who would be responsoble for this blatant failure in securing the Nation? While it is very easy to point out the politicians and a failed system, we conveniently forget how irresponsible, we, the common people are, by ourselves. How compassionate and vigilant are we, of our surroundings? How responsible are we, for our own Nation? It is a time for introspection for every individual who thinks, he holds his Nation in pride.

Did you exercise your right to vote? If not, you do not have the right to raise your voice on the security situation of the Nation today. Over 60 percent of 10.5 million eligible voters in Delhi exercised their votes Saturday. That says 40 percent of them have not cared to vote for reasons whatsoever. 40 percent of 10.5 million is not a small number, and that in Delhi alone. Going by the basic premise that expectations come with responsibilities, millions of people who still do not exercise their right to vote do not have a right to raise their voice either.

And then, how many of us have really been compassionate to the happenings around? How many of us have been vigilant in public places like bus stops and malls? It is not practically feasible to frisk each and every individual in a country with huge population. Installing CCTV cameras at every nook and corner might still not work as a solution if a common man lacks the basic awareness.

Politicians have been so quick in pointing fingers at a neighbouring country. While they might be right or wrong, the issue here is that we need an introspection of ourselves. While the situation might demand toughness in attitude towards a neighbouring country, it is also important that we face our short-comings.

It is not the political system that needs an immediate change, but the thought process of a common man. If we are not going to change, the political system too is not going to change. Until then we all have to put up with the vainglorious political promises.

Finally, do we need to go through all thes terror attacks to understand that our security system is a fiasco? Do we, really, have to lose all those efficient officers to understand the pathetic condition of the bullet-proof jackets the world’s largest democracy has? Aren’t the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters, by themselves, not enough?

Enough is enough! Is the comman man doing something besides lighting candles at the site and  expressing displeasure?

Opinion: A thunderous ‘Bolt’, indeed!

My first post was about Walt Disney World and what better can it get than to do a come-back post with something related to Disney?

After an inevitable break, something intrigued me finally again! Coincidentally, Disney!

Well, I give a thunderous applause to the makers of “Bolt”. One of the truely finest animation movies I have seen in, atleast, the past 3 years. It strikes a chord, like a thunder bolt, with the audiences of all age groups. The CG animation was just perfect!


Bolt ( John Trovolta) is the story of, well, Bolt, a superhero Dog in a TV series who thinks he really has those powers in him. Eventually, he takes his task to save “his person” and co-star, Penny (Miley Cyrus) from the “green-eyed” enemy a little too seriously. All is well until one day when Bolt acidentally gets shipped to New York. The production team loses its superhero dog, Penny loses her best friend and Bolt loses his world. Confused, but confident, Bolt begins its journey across the states to reunite with Penny.On his course he meets and makes friends with an abandoned cat Mittens (Susie Essman) and a die-hard telivision follower Rhino, a hamster (Mark Walton) which, itself, thinks Bolt really has the super powers.

Susie Essman’s voice-over for Mittens-the cat stands apart! Mittens steals the heart of the audiences eventually. It plays an important role in making Bolt realise that he does not, really, have any of those super powers.

The rest of the story is about the wonderful journey of love and revelation, of adventure and hope on how this simple white dog ‘Bolt’ really becomes a superdog! A big thumbs up for this heart-warming journey collaborated with spectacular CG effects. Way to go, Disney!!

PS: Mind you, this is not a Movie review! Just an opinion.

Image Courtesy: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/bolt/

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