Opinion: A thunderous ‘Bolt’, indeed!

My first post was about Walt Disney World and what better can it get than to do a come-back post with something related to Disney?

After an inevitable break, something intrigued me finally again! Coincidentally, Disney!

Well, I give a thunderous applause to the makers of “Bolt”. One of the truely finest animation movies I have seen in, atleast, the past 3 years. It strikes a chord, like a thunder bolt, with the audiences of all age groups. The CG animation was just perfect!


Bolt ( John Trovolta) is the story of, well, Bolt, a superhero Dog in a TV series who thinks he really has those powers in him. Eventually, he takes his task to save “his person” and co-star, Penny (Miley Cyrus) from the “green-eyed” enemy a little too seriously. All is well until one day when Bolt acidentally gets shipped to New York. The production team loses its superhero dog, Penny loses her best friend and Bolt loses his world. Confused, but confident, Bolt begins its journey across the states to reunite with Penny.On his course he meets and makes friends with an abandoned cat Mittens (Susie Essman) and a die-hard telivision follower Rhino, a hamster (Mark Walton) which, itself, thinks Bolt really has the super powers.

Susie Essman’s voice-over for Mittens-the cat stands apart! Mittens steals the heart of the audiences eventually. It plays an important role in making Bolt realise that he does not, really, have any of those super powers.

The rest of the story is about the wonderful journey of love and revelation, of adventure and hope on how this simple white dog ‘Bolt’ really becomes a superdog! A big thumbs up for this heart-warming journey collaborated with spectacular CG effects. Way to go, Disney!!

PS: Mind you, this is not a Movie review! Just an opinion.

Image Courtesy: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/bolt/

Up next: Sakhi’s and Mahak’s age old tag of the love theme!

Fiction: About what we can do!

Well, yet again, I blame it on my work schedules for being so “regularly” inconsistent here. But I am happy that I am finally here after two long weeks. And I will be here for good!

My post follows….

A loud burst of laughter! Was that what my answer should have evoked? I still have no answer. Did Ameya and Ashwin actually laugh at me? I do not know it, for, my comprehension was already usurped by my pensive mind. Should I have given a more practical answer? Afterall, what they asked me was whom I missed, the most, all these years being away from my home.

I have never stared at anything so long in my life till now, or so I felt.

“It was a terrible sight”, Ashwin patted me on my shoulder, “but we couldn’t stop it, afterall they cut the tree for a good cause”.

“But we couldn’t stop!” These were the words that alarmed me. Can we really not stop? Don’t we really have any power? And the “good cause” was to lay a damn road full of pot holes. And what did I lose? My best friend from years! I played under that tree and I have my memories associated to it. And now I see it withered and broken infront of me. It is a history now!


It was a wonderful evening for me after years! It was just me, Mom and Dad strolling in a park.
Mom was telling how she preferred white paint on the kitchen walls. Dad wanted them to be painted with light blue.
Something caught my attention and I turned back and looked the grass beneath. A half-eaten potato chips bag was lying there. A few yards away I saw two polythene bags fluttering from inside the sand.An empty trash bin with its open mouth was sarcastically staring at me.

“Dad, why do people lack civic sense?”, I was irritated, “Why the heck do we have trash bins then”?
I picked the bags and threw them in the trash bin.
“If you start cleaning the park like this, you would end up toiling the whole day”, Dad thought he cracked a joke.
“Dad, you sound as if you support all those fools who shrugg off from the basic responsibilities towards our surroundings”, I made a point.
“You picked those three bags and threw them into the trash”, he brushed my hair, “but honey! the whole town is full of irresponsible people”, he continued, “What can we do with all of them?”

He made a point. A very good one infact. Another “What can we do”!!


It was raining heavily when I came out of my office. I looked at my watch. Three more minutes for the bust to come and the bus stop was three blocks away. I cursed myself for not carrying a jacket. I ran as fast as I could. Two blocks away from the bus stop! I waited there gasping for the pedestrain signal to turn on so that I would rush towards my bus stop. I saw an old blind lady trying to cross the road. I held her palm and told her that the signal was not yet on.

As the signals came on I took the old lady along with me. The old lady stumbled on the middle of the road. My bad, I thought! I was walking so hastily as I would miss the bus.I slowed down, caught her by her shoulder and left her at the sidewalk on the other side of the road. I was running towards the bus stop unaware of the fact that I would end up remembering that day for my life time.

“Beta”, the old woman called me, “Would you please take me back to the other side from where we crossed?”, she asked.

“But you wanted to cross to this side, right?”, I was impatient as I could see my bus at a distance.

“Yes Beta”, she sounded compassionate, “but I stumbled upon a big stone on the middle of the road”, she continued, “if you could help me, I would want to take the stone off the road”.

I took her to the traffic island on the middle of the road and she did what she said. I stared,yet gain for a long time, at her, until I lost sight of her.

I saw my bus leaving. But it didn’t matter, for I got a point that day. I got an answer to THE question. I marched towards the bus stop with triumph. I could then tell Dad, Ashwin and Ameya on “what we, actually, can do”!

Applications for iPhone3G

I fiddled with my newly possessed iPhone today and downloaded a few cool applications. All these are free download at App Store. Here they go…

1) Pandora – This online personalized radio station that allows you to listen to just your kind of music (live streaming, that is) does support few mobile phones in AT&T and Sprint networks. Well, iphone is one among them. You can create your own radio station per your taste or Genre. If you select “Backstreet Boys” and save that radio station, you get to hear songs of Genre a la Backstreet Boys. This one has become quite popular. This was the first application I downloaded in my Iphone.

2) Shazam – You hear a good song at Starbucks but do not know the name of it? Well then, Shazam helps you figure it out. Not just this, you can even download the song from iTunes. The application shows it all for you. Cool one, isn’t it? The next time I need not have to desperately search in the You Tube from the only few broken words of the song I remember.

3) Remote – This is one of the coolest applications that allow you to control your Mac or iTunes library on your PC  using your iPhone. You heard it right! Your iPhone acts as a remote. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network though. You can play any song in your iTunes library, pause it or stop it from  anywhere in your home. All this through your iPhone.

4) Fuzzyshot – This is a mobile photo blog. Want to share that oh-so-wonderful photo that you just captured in Los Angeles to your family in India right on the spot? This application helps you. The images you click on your iPhone get automatically updated into your Fuzzyshot blog in seconds.

5) YouNote – This application allows you to make a picture note or an audio note or the one that is drawn or just that normal text notes. All in one, it is! What more, you can even tag the note to a location in Google map.

6) VoiceNotes – Why ‘write’ a note when you can ‘record’ it! This application helps you record a note. The next time I want to remember an address, I would say it aloud and record it rather than type it.

7) Tap Tap Revenge – This a game based on music and rythm.You find three coloured beams that rattle ocassionally with power. So what/ Patience, I say! A song keeps playing and bubbles start dropping down through the three beams. Now, these bubbles trickle down with speeds based on the beat and the rythm of the song being played. You got to tap on these bubbles at the bottom of the screen. The more acoustic beats the song has, the more is the fun. You actually end up tapping your fingers in rythm. You have to play and experience it! There are also points for tilting your iPhone left/right/up/down as per the arrow marks that ocassionally pass through the beams. Such a fun!

8 ) iMazeLite – This is a full “paisa vasool” timepass game. Got stuck up in the airport with delayed flight? Feeling lazy at the same time? This one helps you pass the time. This is a maze game and you got to show a small pin ball the way to its groove. Well, the fun part here is that the ball moves only by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want it to move. You have a choice to select an easy or a hard maze.

There are many other good applications that I am yet to explore. I will keep updating as and when I find something so interesting.

Before I sign off, here is a list of glitches that your iPhone can create during a normal use. I faced these problems as I used it during this three weeks of time:

Glitch 1: My ‘Safari’ browser showed its dead pan expression (I mean, got stuck) when I tried to navigate a link from an application. I had to “restart” (true blue software term – Switch Off and then On, I mean) the Iphone to bring the browser back to use.

Glitch 2: Application crash! Now this seems to be something major. I guess many people faced this problem. You download an application and when you click on its icon, it displays a black screen. Your eyes balls pop out with excitement, but alas! It exits and comes back to the previous screen. Well, for now, if you face this problem, delete the application, restart your Iphone and then install the application again. This should solve the problem in many cases. However, if your dame luck smiles (dont take the literal meaning), you might have to ‘restore’ your iPhone settings to the deafult, or worse, you might even have to check your iPhone’s firmware. I am lucky here! We only hope that Apple comes up with a fix for this soon!

And finally, though not sure, an interesting tidbit of sorts, that I heard from a friend is that 3G is not supported everywhere in the US. There seem to be some areas even like in few parts of New York where ‘EDGE’ replaces 3G. This is not a first hand information and so I might even be wrong.

EDGE is something like 2.75G (That is 0.25 less to 3G). Well, if you ask me more about EDGE, then your guess is as good as mine. What are you doing here? Go check out in Wiki. My iPhone’s calling me!

Tap Tap Revenge’s Image Courtesy: Apple’s App Store.

The trails of a flower

Alright! Here’s a bit of General Knowledge for you folks 😀  Kajol celebrated her birthday on 5th of August as I have been spending a hectic week at work! I managed to come up with yet an other creation of mine while slogging my sweat out in the office! Here it follows… 🙂

The cold breeze swept over me again and I peeped into the lucid waters. Its frothy arms tried to reach me, but the breeze heaved me along with my blitheful petals. My petals jeered at the water for its nugatory attempt.The water swirled in ebullience and splashed on my petals. I winked at the river as it continued its journey.

The breeze switched on to its intractable jubiliance hastily. My plant jerked and I fell into the water creating concentric circles all over its surface. A bee suddenly made its way into my petals tickling me with its fluttering wings. The breeze slowed down and kissed the water causing small waves that drifted me across. Two guppies swirled around me playfully. I swaggered across the water wagging my stem. I rolled on the laps of water and danced in joy.

The sky opened up on the serene waters and I felt like floating in the sky. Swans followed me, birds picked up a song, Butterflies flapped their wings in rythm as I pranced on the tranquil waters. The bee rolled on my petals and buzzed intermittently. It was probably singing too.

The water carried me all along the tortuous way, per its flamboyant whims. It swelled at places causing small cascades. I jumped over the falls, shook my petals, winked at the bee inside and wagged my stem.The bee fluttered its wings again and tickled me.

The water increased its pace dramatically and roared with the wind. I wagged my stem fast, mustered my petals trying to save the bee inside. There was no sight of the swans and the butterflies. I peeped into the water and the sky was no longer visible. There was no sight of the guppies either. The water lost its flounce and changed its colour. A gushing cross stream jolted me and ripped through my petals. I tried wagging fast but my stem broke. My petals wilted at the smell of water. I tried mustering my petals up but in vain. Half of my petals were washed away. I could see the bee being carried away by the bubbles of oil in the water.The oily water choked me and the rest of my petals withered losing their colour. I stumbled and hopped helplessly as my stem got washed away.

I remembered the lucid waters that once embraced me in its frothy arms, I remembered the two guppies that swirled around me, I remembered how I pranced in the water strutting my stem. I turned back for the last time as the giant saline waters swallowed me forever.

Please stop polluting the river and the sea waters!!

Not like any other day!

“I don’t know Vimal, I can’t talk right now. It is not like any other day”, I cut the call and threw my mobile away. Yes, it was not like any other day and I didn’t seem to be in the best of my moods.The monotony of life, for some unknown reason, seemed to down my spirits that day. I felt bad for Vimal, but, by now, he is used to my terms.

I looked at the clock that kept on ticking so fast. I banged its glass frame, got hold of the two needles, and tried wrenching them.But, alas! The eternal arms of the time weren’t so submissive. Their loud alarm jeered me and wrang my conscience out of me, “Stop dilly dallying, it’s 9AM and get ready for the work”.

I gave a perfunctory look at my blazer and took out the company’s identity card from its pocket.The two buttons on the blazer stared at me as I left them in the lurch.

I tied my shoe lace tighter than I did anyother day. I opened the door,saw the sun lurking from behind the clouds, and started walking towards the bus stop. I felt that the head iwas so heavy for my neck to carry that it almost tilted. My lazy gait complemented my mood.

As I walked few blocks away I saw a snow flake dangling in the air. I took it onto my palm and wondered at its amazing complex shape. I looked up at the sky and it showered its glory on my face. The flurries danced down to the earth as I opened my mouth.

I jumped and danced and tried catching the snow flakes. I saw the trees giggling as the snow trickled into their branches. The snow slowly settled onto the ground and spread its bright carpet all across. I saw two squirrels rolling in the snow. Oh boy! If I were a squirrel too!

I felt a thump at my back. I turned back and saw a kid with snow balls in his hands. He threw it onto my face this time. I wiped off, digged my fingers and took a lump of snow.

The little boy giggled and started running way. I followed him with the snow ball in my hand. I saw my bus leaving but didn’t seem to care, for, I really thought that it was not like any other day!

Sunshine of Life – The last part

His suicide news did not come to me as quite shocking as it had to be. Afterall, it was a blink-and-I-go image of him in the hospital yesterday.

Megha and I decided to go to the hospital that evening.

“Did you give the coins to Suhaan? Where is he?” Simi asked as soon as she saw me.
“Jojo would beat him if Suhaan does not make hundred rupees a day”, she continued, not expecting answer from me.

“I will give them to Suhaan”, was all I could reply.


Days passed by. Simi was put up in an orphanage. Her little heart was somehow so strong that I felt she took the rest of her life for granted. She learnt doing things herselves. I wondered how fate turns people’s lives.

“She never talks much to the other children”, the aaya at the orphanage tells us.
But then, that doesn’t matter. She was having a changed life. Most of all, she was having an education.

Simi has changed the way Megha and I percieve little things around us. Megha would often attribute some sort of mystery to Simi’s life before the accident, until that fine day, when Himesh concluded his investigation.

Jojo was a small time goon who gathered a group of twenty children, all either orphans or lent from families that could not make their both ends meet, to make them into street urchins. He would often force these children into begging. More often, he would even resort to physical assault with the already distraught children, if they fail to  bring a “nominal” amount each day from the alms. Suhaan was one of them.

Simi’s father, who was a daily labour, found Suhaan alone at one of the construction sites he was working. He took Suhaan with him to his house. It did not take much time for Simi to bond with Suhaan. Things didn’t go well when there was a  slump in the real estate world. Simi’s father could not get work as most of the contractors did not risk hiring workers from unknown sources. He realized he would not be able to earn his bread. That was when he met Jojo and agreed to lend Suhaan to him. He got money from Jojo in return. Simi would go out with Suhaan every morning.

On the day Simi was knocked off by a car, people gathered around her and started enquiring her where-abouts. One of the workers at the STD booth who knew Jojo, stopped Suhaan from running towards Simi and informed Jojo. What happened later was still unclear. Some say Jojo fled to Kolkatta taking away Suhaan and the other children with him.

Simi’s father, it seemed, knew that Jojo left the city that night. Afraid of the volley of questions he had to face from the cops, he committed suicide.

A crap of a man! This was the only impression I always had on Simi’s father….. until today.


I gave a deep breath and sighed as I tried to remember all this that happened five years ago.
A knock on the door startled me.
I looked at my watch and realized that it should be Megha.

“What were you doing?” she quizzed.
She saw the scrap book on my table. “What was that you were scribbling?’ she gave a glance at the scrap book and laughed.

“It’s not just a scrap book, Megha. It’s probably the mirror of a little girl’s heart which we somehow couldn’t connect to, all these years”.

Megha looked at me puzzled, took the scrap book from the table and started reading it.
” I think I did not quite understand whom to look for a support on. I was terribly afraid. Pappa and I were very happy. He was the strongest man I knew.His instincts to many things in life, perhaps, made me think so. I saw my world through his eyes. I remember the night when pappa returned home very tired from work. I wanted to eat vada paav from the shop at the end of our street. He never let me down. When he had no work for days together, he used to take me to the lake every morning. We used to sit there on the grass and chat for hours together. When I had fever he would never leave me. He would sit beside me and tell all the stories he knew. The one in which the moon comes down to earth to make the little girl happy was my favourite. I never used to be tired listening to that story.

One day Pappa brought Suhaan home. I liked Suhaan a lot and we played together since then. I remember the glow in Suhaan’s face when he brought home the marbles he found on the sands of the lake. We played with them for a long time and then I stored them in a cigar box that pappa would normally throw away.

Pappa somehow never liked Suhaan. I always wondered why he brought him home if he never liked. He would never tell stories to Suhaan when he was sick, just like he used to d so for me. But pappa didn’t know that I would tell all of those stories to Suhaan the next morning. I was so fond of Suhaan. He said he worked on the roads. I used to go out with him whenever pappa was not at home. I used to play with the marbles and sometimes help Suhaan collect some money.

But now I am left all alone. Megha didi and bhayya takes good care of me. But I could never come to terms with pappa leaving me suddenly. I am angry on him. I do not know what I would do if I ever see pappa again in my life. I would probably hate him for leaving me, or I would hug him tight and cry a lot. The aaya in my school calls me a dumb girl. But what does she know about me? I would take her to Suhaan one day and then she wouldn’t call me dumb again. I will show her that I can take care of myself. I am angry on Suhaan too. Why should he leave me when I  told all my stories to him without Pappa’s knowledge? I have many friends in my school, but it is not like how it used to bewith Suhaan.

— Simi”

Tears trickled down my eyes. Megha cried copiously.

“Where did you get this from?” her voice trembled.
“The Psychologist treating Simi gave this book. He took it from her”, I said.

I realized how most of us would act so indifferent to the things that happen around us, until that day comes when we have to face it for ourselves. As I read this scrap book I did not see just Simi’s thoughts in it. It reflected the thoughts of a child whose comfort lies in its parents, who draws strength from its caretakers. How the dreams of children would be shattered, when, the very person they see the world through, lies helpless infront of them. The fear and insecurity that creeps in their minds when they come to know that they lost the support.

And most of all, how a suicide wrecks havoc in the lives of the people living with that person. The one stupid thought at the nick of a moment would grab life away from not just the victim, but his loved ones too.

I realized how there are many people out there, who are stolen away from their smiles, who are withered by the world’s indifference. Life is beautiful. But not everyone has the previlege to understand its beauty. No matter what happens, a ray of light always waits to touch our lives. It is only that people tend to stand in the shade and not be able to see the light of life. May be it is time I bring them out of the shade and show them the Sunshine of Life.

As thoughts encircled me, I opened the drawer of the table and took out the five coins Simi gave me years ago. I stared at the coins for a long time. I noticed that the coins were not worn away through out these years, just like the hope that Suhaan would one day own them.

                                          ****************** THE END *****************

Well, hmmm…the idea of this depressing story came to my mind when I was completely fed up of reading the daily news papers report a suicide each day at the drop of a hat. And then how children (rather, orphans/street urchins) lead a gloomy life in a metro where people have no time to think of them. Psst! People these days have no time to even think about themselves, leave alone thinking of others. 🙂

I tried to link up various incidents we see in the news papers everyday and make a rather-not-so-short story. 🙂

Sunshine of life – Part II

Hiya! I am back with the next part of this short story.


“Were someone else with you?” Megha asked the little girl as she waded her fingers through the girl’s dishevelled hair.

The girl could hardly speak anything. She opened her mouth, mumbled the name Suhaan again and rested her head on Megha’s arms. I rushed and got a bottle of water from a nearby shop.

The girl sipped some water but we realised she couldn’t gulp it. Megha dialled an emergency number from her mobile, that she always keeps handy. After a series of questions from the other side I understood that they were about to send an ambulance.

I suddenly heard a dominating voice from behind the crowd. A tall person with sharp features! Ahem! Here is the cop for you. He gave a doubtful glance at the crowd and enquired about the girl. We told him that the little girl could not have been alone and that how she mumbled a name Suhaan.

He enquired the crowd and a few shops around but couldn’t figure out who Suhaan is.

Megha called her home and explained the scene. “Don’t worry papa, Nihaal is with me”, I heard her telling before she disconnected the call.

The ambulance arrived and we decided to accompany the girl to the hospital.

“Sir, I need your mobile number” the cop asked me. He was rather polite. “Well, I am Himesh Singh, Assistant Police inspector”. I shook hands with him, exchanged the pleasanteries and gave my number to him.

“Good to see youngsters like you!” He thought he gave a complement. ” I will make a quick enquiry on Suhaan and meet you at the hospital soon”.


We were half way to the hospital. Megha looked into my eyes.I blinked my eyes assuringly.
I felt the brush of a soft palm on my elbow. I saw the little girl trying to talk to me.
I touched her palms and kissed her on the cheeks, “Everything will be alright!”.

She took five coins, a rupee each, from the pocket of her coat and muttered, “Give this to Suhaan, bhayya, please”.
She gabbled in broken words. I took the coins from her and looked at Megha.

“Hopefully the cop finds about Suhaan”, Megha sighed.


It had been two hours outside the operation theater that had a grim ambience. All we knew was that the little girl had multiple fractures and blood loss.

We sat there on a bench all through the while. Megha looked tensed. I realised we haven’t really talked for a while now.

“Hello Mr. Nihaal”, I heard a startling voice from across the corridor. I saw Himesh approaching us. He had a confident gait. He was accompanied with a lean, bearded old man with a withered and pale face.

“I finally traced this man. He is the father of the little girl. By the way her name is Simi and Yes, Suhaan is her brother”, Himesh declared, ‘He works as a day labour at a construction site”.

“There is a bad news too”, he said in a low voice, “we couldn’t trace Suhaan”.

I nodded my head and looked at the old man. He made a face that is completely weary of emotions.


The doctor came out of the operation theater. He looked at us, smiled and said that the girl is on her way to recovery.

I didnt care to look at the old man at this point of time. I do not know why. All I could think of is home. I shook hands with the cop and left for home with Megha.
The next day at the college was quite hectic. Social Psychology, Crime and Justice, Science, technology and society..the most boring classes on a boring tuesday. I dozed off in the back seats of the class. I felt fresh by the evening. I happen to be a member of the previleged “N-MARKS” team, the most happening one in the campus. We are six of us and we named our team by our initials. We gather at the college refreshment stall every evening, play pranks at each other, discuss about nothing important at lengths and finally get back home.

It was a usual tuesday evening. Kamal was busy playing yet an other prank with Sunaina. We all remember how it went  awry and ended up Sunaina in tears the last time. Sunaina is the most sensitive of all. Abhi and Rihaan usually end up cajoling Sunaina.
We had a hearty guffaw at the joke played by Rihaan on the Psychology professor as my mobile began ringing.


“Hello Sir, Sorry to disturb you, this is Himesh Singh”, a dejected voice came from the other side, “I want to inform you the bad news that Simi’s father was found dead in his house this noon”. He made a pause. I understood he had something to continue, “It was a suicide!”.

                                                                                 ——- to be continued


The Child Within Us

All my friends have one, my roommate has one, the guy sitting in the other cube next to me, at work, has one, my cousin has one, and believe me, it wouldn’t take so long for Grandmas and Grandpas to join this race!! Well, if you have no clue on what this “one” is all about, then it’s called a “BLOG”!!

Not long ago did I gaze into an open sky and start explaining my friend that life exists in the outer space and that I did see quite a few beings myself!

He was puzzled.

“Are you crazy? I talk about my blog and where the heck did this outer space come from?”, he asked me, rather irritated!

“Well, my dear, all the bloggers are aliens to me” I retorted!

Alright!! All set! I made it at last!! I have one for me now!! 🙂 A sense of satisfaction!

And now comes the real question! What do I post in here? How often do I need to update this? How do I start with!

I always wondered what my first post in the blog should be, with a maelstorm of thoughts that goes in my mind quite often! But then, I always used to end up sleeping ! Now that I have one, I have to face the reality!! 😦

Jokes apart, the blogging bug bit me too! And I seem all excited!! get..set…go!!

And in terms of starting the blog, what could be more wonderful than sharing the “happiness of small things”!

Very recently I dared to think, or rather feel, beyond the world of dogmatic bosses, stringent deadlines and the murky cubicles. I discovered a “micro world” inside this huge and mostly crooked world. The world where the smallest of things matter the most, the world where ego or sorrow has no place, the world that gives you a chance to listen to the mellifluous rhythm of your heart strings, the world where your dreams once were, come true, the Walt Disney World Resort!!

Standing right in the middle of the Magical Kingdom I wondered if I were at the horizon of an innocent childhood and an ambitious adolscence. How would it be when you had a beautiful dream as a kid and that came true after you grew up? This is one world that makes you remember all your chirpy days, when you smiled with the nifty little Mickey Mouse, when you swam across the oceans with the Little Mermaid, when your heart went out for the beautiful Cinderella, when you were frightened, along with Snow White, of her step-mother for all her acrimonious deeds, when you thought an angel would make your doll into Pinocchio, when you looked at awe, upon the might of The Lion King!!

The list goes on! Oh boy! what a wonderful world was it!!

On a more serious note, this world teaches you how eternal optimism can rather lighten up the otherwise complex life, how important it is to take some time away for yourselves. Gazing at the sky from your mom’s lap, counting the stars, chatting with the wise old, limping into the woods, the first ever adventure as a child that made you feel you were a champion!! These were the simplest of things that engulfed you in boundless joy!!                                                                                           

There was this wonderful “Dreams come true” parade that had almost all the Disney characters you had known as a child come in front of you in life and vigour. Disney Land is not just all this! It gives you a rare chance to see what the otherwise impalpable happiness looks like! Yes, you got it right! You can feel the touch of happiness! The joy and excitement you see in the eyes of a kid hand in hand with the Mickey mouse! Even a till-then-whimpering child jumps with joy with the slight touch of the cartoon heroes.

Standing there in the middle of the Magical Kingdom I saw the twinkle in the eyes of the young and the old alike. Your stoic heart would definitely soften with the sight of a satisfied kid raving to make it in life, as he begins his journey amidst these glorious characters, not knowing how obnoxious this world would become to him one day 😉

For once, I discovered the kid in me! Thanks to Disney, Life is Beautiful! Or atleast, it seems so!