Just not another Friendship poem

Like the froth on the beer
Like the times that bring cheer

Like the jokes we cracked in trance,
a pint of beer you started to dance.

Like the somersaults on the white sands
Like the bond that unites many hands

the fun and frolic, the joy and mirth,
that you never seem to be in dearth!

Our good times we always care,
for, a friend like you is very rare!

Never say Goodbye!


When the lilting flowers envied our dance                      
when the chirping birds sang to our words
when the passing cloud looked at us and bowed
when the spouting water sounded like our laughter

Little did I know that seeds of distance it would sow
Never did I think my heart in pain would sink
Forever will my hopeful gaze wade through the time’s maze

Saying goodbye, in general, is quite dis-heartening. Not just for loved ones, but I have always found it difficult to bid farewell to anyone.

The waving hands of a father, the teary eyes of a mother, the uneasy silence of a friend…these are the subtle feelings that touch any heart.