Applications for iPhone3G

I fiddled with my newly possessed iPhone today and downloaded a few cool applications. All these are free download at App Store. Here they go…

1) Pandora – This online personalized radio station that allows you to listen to just your kind of music (live streaming, that is) does support few mobile phones in AT&T and Sprint networks. Well, iphone is one among them. You can create your own radio station per your taste or Genre. If you select “Backstreet Boys” and save that radio station, you get to hear songs of Genre a la Backstreet Boys. This one has become quite popular. This was the first application I downloaded in my Iphone.

2) Shazam – You hear a good song at Starbucks but do not know the name of it? Well then, Shazam helps you figure it out. Not just this, you can even download the song from iTunes. The application shows it all for you. Cool one, isn’t it? The next time I need not have to desperately search in the You Tube from the only few broken words of the song I remember.

3) Remote – This is one of the coolest applications that allow you to control your Mac or iTunes library on your PC  using your iPhone. You heard it right! Your iPhone acts as a remote. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network though. You can play any song in your iTunes library, pause it or stop it from  anywhere in your home. All this through your iPhone.

4) Fuzzyshot – This is a mobile photo blog. Want to share that oh-so-wonderful photo that you just captured in Los Angeles to your family in India right on the spot? This application helps you. The images you click on your iPhone get automatically updated into your Fuzzyshot blog in seconds.

5) YouNote – This application allows you to make a picture note or an audio note or the one that is drawn or just that normal text notes. All in one, it is! What more, you can even tag the note to a location in Google map.

6) VoiceNotes – Why ‘write’ a note when you can ‘record’ it! This application helps you record a note. The next time I want to remember an address, I would say it aloud and record it rather than type it.

7) Tap Tap Revenge – This a game based on music and rythm.You find three coloured beams that rattle ocassionally with power. So what/ Patience, I say! A song keeps playing and bubbles start dropping down through the three beams. Now, these bubbles trickle down with speeds based on the beat and the rythm of the song being played. You got to tap on these bubbles at the bottom of the screen. The more acoustic beats the song has, the more is the fun. You actually end up tapping your fingers in rythm. You have to play and experience it! There are also points for tilting your iPhone left/right/up/down as per the arrow marks that ocassionally pass through the beams. Such a fun!

8 ) iMazeLite – This is a full “paisa vasool” timepass game. Got stuck up in the airport with delayed flight? Feeling lazy at the same time? This one helps you pass the time. This is a maze game and you got to show a small pin ball the way to its groove. Well, the fun part here is that the ball moves only by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want it to move. You have a choice to select an easy or a hard maze.

There are many other good applications that I am yet to explore. I will keep updating as and when I find something so interesting.

Before I sign off, here is a list of glitches that your iPhone can create during a normal use. I faced these problems as I used it during this three weeks of time:

Glitch 1: My ‘Safari’ browser showed its dead pan expression (I mean, got stuck) when I tried to navigate a link from an application. I had to “restart” (true blue software term – Switch Off and then On, I mean) the Iphone to bring the browser back to use.

Glitch 2: Application crash! Now this seems to be something major. I guess many people faced this problem. You download an application and when you click on its icon, it displays a black screen. Your eyes balls pop out with excitement, but alas! It exits and comes back to the previous screen. Well, for now, if you face this problem, delete the application, restart your Iphone and then install the application again. This should solve the problem in many cases. However, if your dame luck smiles (dont take the literal meaning), you might have to ‘restore’ your iPhone settings to the deafult, or worse, you might even have to check your iPhone’s firmware. I am lucky here! We only hope that Apple comes up with a fix for this soon!

And finally, though not sure, an interesting tidbit of sorts, that I heard from a friend is that 3G is not supported everywhere in the US. There seem to be some areas even like in few parts of New York where ‘EDGE’ replaces 3G. This is not a first hand information and so I might even be wrong.

EDGE is something like 2.75G (That is 0.25 less to 3G). Well, if you ask me more about EDGE, then your guess is as good as mine. What are you doing here? Go check out in Wiki. My iPhone’s calling me!

Tap Tap Revenge’s Image Courtesy: Apple’s App Store.