Opinion: A thunderous ‘Bolt’, indeed!

My first post was about Walt Disney World and what better can it get than to do a come-back post with something related to Disney?

After an inevitable break, something intrigued me finally again! Coincidentally, Disney!

Well, I give a thunderous applause to the makers of “Bolt”. One of the truely finest animation movies I have seen in, atleast, the past 3 years. It strikes a chord, like a thunder bolt, with the audiences of all age groups. The CG animation was just perfect!


Bolt ( John Trovolta) is the story of, well, Bolt, a superhero Dog in a TV series who thinks he really has those powers in him. Eventually, he takes his task to save “his person” and co-star, Penny (Miley Cyrus) from the “green-eyed” enemy a little too seriously. All is well until one day when Bolt acidentally gets shipped to New York. The production team loses its superhero dog, Penny loses her best friend and Bolt loses his world. Confused, but confident, Bolt begins its journey across the states to reunite with Penny.On his course he meets and makes friends with an abandoned cat Mittens (Susie Essman) and a die-hard telivision follower Rhino, a hamster (Mark Walton) which, itself, thinks Bolt really has the super powers.

Susie Essman’s voice-over for Mittens-the cat stands apart! Mittens steals the heart of the audiences eventually. It plays an important role in making Bolt realise that he does not, really, have any of those super powers.

The rest of the story is about the wonderful journey of love and revelation, of adventure and hope on how this simple white dog ‘Bolt’ really becomes a superdog! A big thumbs up for this heart-warming journey collaborated with spectacular CG effects. Way to go, Disney!!

PS: Mind you, this is not a Movie review! Just an opinion.

Image Courtesy: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/bolt/

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