I have two tags pending since age old. I complete them today!

Vishesh tagged me sometime back and here are my 6 quirky quirks!!

Most of these might not sound odd but then I am not quirky!! 😀

1) I love biting nails but dont like it when I see someone else biting their nails:D

2) I tend to create first impression on the people by looking at their teeth and feet. Sounds wierd, but I feel teeth and feet tell a lot about how a person conducts himself/herself.

3) Now, this was a habit I had as a kid but NOT anymore – Whenever I get into a train I used to sit facing towards the direction of motion. (For ignorant souls, trains have ‘aamne-saamne’ seats)

4) I like the sound of a fan. I would turn my small portable fan ON even while the AC runs.

5) I can NEVER watch a movie in a theatre without Popcorn and cola. Sincerely tried to stop this but could never succeed.

6) Well, I do not know if this is considered odd, but I like it when people talk nonsense sensibly.

While you bang your heads trying to understand what the 6th one meant, let me tag this to Anar, Reema, Suda and Sakhi.


Anar tagged me with this interesting one that brings about a slice of ones life.

Yesterday (Kal) – is an experience that teaches you about tomorrow.

Your Oldest Memory:
Crying and shouting for my mom from behind the closed gates of my kindergarten school.I still remember that pain!! 😀

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Was trying hard to get a good score in my 12th grade and also an admission (for B.Tech) into a good college. Apart from this, COMPLETELY crazy over 3 things: Titanic, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Shenaz in MTV Most Wanted.

Today (Aaj) – Enjoying the pleasures of small things in life amidst haphazard and hazy goals.

Your first thought today morning: “Did I really wake up, or is this a dream?”

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

I will dump and lock all my friends inside the capsule, so that I will never lose them in life.

Tomorrow (Kal) – will be good “yesterday”.

This year ….has been rewarding and satisfying.Seen lots of new places and people and hope to see more.

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Ideally, to become a good singer and spend time with all my loved ones happily! But I know I would end up being a techie (probably and hopefully a senior level manager) stuck up in traffic jams and cursing the City Corporation.

I tag this to the two A’s: Amit and Arvind. 🙂